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Owners & Contractors

​​​Under the Safety Codes Act owners are responsible to make sure the buildings they own comply with the Safety Codes Act. Contractors can assist homeowners in carrying out some of these responsibilities such as obtaining permits as prescribed in the Permit Regulation.


The below link will help you find an agency contracted to work within your municipality and who can assist you with the permits and inspections process.

 Where can I get a permit?


Choosing your Agency

Things to consider when choosing your agency service provider:

  • Are they close to your home or project location?
  • How did you hear about them?
  • Are they familiar within your community?
  • Does their timing work for you?


What You Can Expect
Improved Accountability & Protection

ASCA’s compliance monitoring model provides oversight of safety codes services, giving owners better assurance that their homes and structures comply with the Safety Codes Act.

  • Timely project inspections and follow-up to ensure deficiencies are corrected;

  • Standardized permit fees, making it simpler for contractors and owners to determine their project costs;

  • Consistent turnaround times on plans review and requested inspections;

  • Agency fees are paid as work is satisfactorily completed, ensuring accountability for their work; and

  • Easy to follow applications, checklists, and templates