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Permit Fee Schedule

IMPORTANT: A new permit fee schedule takes effect on May 1, 2016

A new permit fee schedule will be introduced to standardize the permit fees across all unaccredited municipalities. The permit fee schedule was based on consultation and analysis of contracted agencies fees in the unaccredited areas as well as a detailed review of best practices in accredited municipalities. Albertans in unaccredited municipalities will receive timely permitting and inspections services, consistent with those provided by major accredited municipalities, at a fair and reasonable cost.

Changes were made to the permit fee schedule across all disciplines, with some disciplines seeing an increase in permit fees and others seeing a decline. This will make it simpler for contractors and owners to determine their project costs. It will also encourage agencies to compete on service quality and timeliness to maintain and grow their business.

Some fees may be slightly higher to reflect the increased travel costs to remote communities. A portion of the fees collected will be used to cover ASCA operating costs.

If you have questions or concerns about the fee schedule, please contact ASCA by email at or call 1.877.413.6725.


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