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​​​​​As of May 1, 2016, the Alberta Safety Codes Authority oversees the provision of safety codes compliance monitoring (permitting and inspection services) in unaccredited areas on behalf of the Government of Alberta.

The Minister of Municipal Affairs directed the Council to create the Alberta Safety Codes Authority (ASCA), a division of the Safety Codes Council, to do this work.

The Alberta Safety Codes Authority (ASCA) continues to build on service delivery improvements initiated by Municipal Affairs to improve agency performance by implementing a new accountability framework. This framework requires agencies to remit fees collected from permit applicants to ASCA, who will then provide payment to the agencies as inspection work is satisfactorily completed.

Changes will be implemented to ensure projects in your municipality get inspected thoroughly and on time so that any issues can be addressed quickly and easily. Our staff and agency service providers have been trained and are available to help contractors and home owners with this transition.

What You Can Expect
Improved Accountability & Protection

ASCA’s compliance monitoring model provides better oversight of safety codes services, giving homeowners in unaccredited areas better assurance that their homes and structures comply with the Safety Codes Act.

  • Timely project inspections and follow-up to ensure deficiencies are corrected;

  • Standardized permit fees, making it simpler for contractors and owners to determine their project costs;

  • Consistent turnaround times on plans review and requested inspections;

  • Agency fees are paid as work is satisfactorily completed, ensuring accountability for their work; and

  • New and easy to follow forms, checklists, and templates


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