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Council Members

​​Expense Submissions

The Safety Codes Council will reimburse council members’ traveling and living expenses incurred during the course of their duties on behalf of the Safety Codes Council.
Expense claims are to be submitted within 30 days of the meeting date. Payment will be made within 30 days of The Council’s approval date on the expense claim. The Safety Codes Council processes payments by Electronic Funds Transfer bi-weekly and by cheque on the second Monday of each month.
To enroll in our Electronic Transfer Form program, please complete and submit the Electronic Funds Transfer Form. Claims are to be completed using the Safety Codes Council's Expense Claim Form. Supporting receipts are to be attached.  

If receipts are not attached to the claim, basic rates as outlined in the Safety Codes Council's Travel Expenses Policy will be used. 
Individuals may claim for the following expenses:
Meals: Alcoholic beverages are excluded.
Accommodation: Please use the Safety Codes Council room rates where available.
Travel: Includes personal automobile use, airlines, taxis, bus, and car rentals including gas.
Incidental expenses: Includes among others long distance calls, per diem, printing or fax costs incurred in the course of Council business. Laundry expenses are excluded.