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 Policy and Procedures

The Board of Directors recently approved a new policy framework for the Council.

The new policy framework implements two fundamental changes.

      1. It creates a clear distinction between Corporate Governance Policy and Operational Policy, and
      2. It separates policy from procedures. 

The policy framework has following categories:

  • the Corporate Governance category, which addresses Council activities that are a responsibility of the Board and for which the Board establishes requirements or provides oversight, and

  • the Programs and Services, and Operations categories (dealing with Operational Policy), which addresses all aspects of operating the Safety Codes Council in order to fulfill the Council Mandate which, at a high level focuses on:
      1. supporting the Minister's public policy objectives for the safety codes system,
      2. administering an appeals system, and
      3. delivering key programs and services to support the Minister's administration of the safety codes system.

Below you will see two sections:

  1. The Policies and Procedure section will contain policies and procedures approved under the new policy framework. This section will grow as policies and procedures are approved and the Policy Manual will contract.
  2. The Policy Manual section contains existing policies. These polices continue to be in effect until transitioned. Existing policies will be reviewed and where appropriate, content will be transitioned to the Policies and Procedures section. As this occurs, existing policies will be retired and removed from the Policy Manual. It is expected that all existing policies will be reviewed over the next two years.

Policies and Procedures


1.1 Appointment to the Board Policy
      1.1.1 Appointment to the Board Procedure
      1.1.2 Professional Development for Board Members Procedure
      1.1.3 Board Member Remuneration Procedure
      1.1.4 Board Member Expense Procedure
1.2 Appointment to Council Policy
      1.2.1 Appointment to Council Procedure
      1.2.2 Administrative Tribunal Member Remuneration Procedure
      1.2.3 Council Member Expense Procedure
1.3 Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy
      1.3.1 Conflict of Interest Declaration Procedure
      1.3.2 Code of Conduct and Ethics Declaration Procedure
      1.3.3 Code of Conduct and Ethics Violation Reporting Procedure
1.4 Delegation to the President and CEO Policy
1.5 Succession Planning Policy
1.6 Strategic Planning Policy
1.7 Programs and Services Policy
1.8 Financial Oversight Policy
1.9 Policy and Procedure Development and Management Policy
      1.9.1 Policy and Procedure Development and Management Procedure
1.10 Risk Oversight Policy
1.11 Investment Policy


2.1.1 Safety Codes Officer Certification Policy Certificates of Competency Procedure

2.1.2 Continuing Education Program Policy Continuing Education Program Procedure

2.1.3 Master Electrician Certification Policy Master Electrician Examination Procedure

2.1.4 Designation of Powers Policy Designation of Powers Procedure

2.1.5 Petroleum Tank Contractor’s Approval Policy

Program Administration and Oversight

2.2.1 Complaint Management and Investigations Policy Complaint Management and Investigations Procedure


2.5.1 Training Policy Training Procedure


3.1.1 Travel Expense Policy
3.1.5 Procurement Policy Procurement Request Procedure Contract and Purchase Order Management Procedure Public Procurement Request Procedure

3.1.3 Signing Authority
 Temporary Delegation of Signing Authority Procedure

Human Resource Management

3.2.1 Employee Relations Policy Salary Administration Procedure Corrective Action Procedure Recruitment and Selection Procedure Attendance Management Procedure

3.2.2 Respectful Workplace Policy Respectful Workplace Violation Response Procedure Workplace Violence Response Procedure

3.2.3 Pandemic and Communicable Disease Response Policy

3.2.6 Alcohol and Drugs Policy Alcohol and Drugs Use Procedure


3.3.1 Risk Management Policy


3.4.1 Communications Policy

3.4.2 Social Media Policy

3.4.3 Election Communication Policy

Health and Safety

3.5.1 Emergency Management Policy

3.5.2 Joint Health and Safety Policy Working Alone Procedure

Information and Technology

3.6.1 Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Policy Access to Information Procedure Privacy Breach Response and Reporting Procedure Protection of Privacy Procedure​

3.6.2 Information Technology Policy Protecting Information When Working Away from the Office Procedure

3.6.3 Surveillance Systems Policy


Policy Manual