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Pressure Equipment

What do filling up at a gas station, taking a hot shower, storing compressed gasses, and oil refineries have in common? They all need pressure equipment to function efficiently and safely.
The Pressure Equipment Sub-Council members meet on a regular basis to discuss issues within their industry and to make sure that our built environment is safe for all to inhabit.
ABSA, the pressure equipment safety authority, is authorized by the Alberta Government for the administration and delivery of safety programs related to boilers, pressure vessels and pressure piping systems in Alberta. These safety programs are provided to ensure public safety and include the complete life cycle of boilers, pressure vessels and pressure piping systems. The Safety Codes Act allows an ABSA Safety Codes Officer to inspect pressure equipment. ABSA is also responsible for the certification of pressure welders, inspectors and power engineers for the operation of a power or heating boiler.



Izak Roux