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Going up, going down. Elevators, escalators, manlifts for construction work, and lifts for people with physical disabilities are all part of what the Elevators Sub-Council does.

The Elevator Sub-Council members meet on a regular basis to discuss issues in the industry and to make sure that our built environment is safe to inhabit. Our
Elevators Sub-Council members are generous volunteers who make the province a safer place. This sub-council works closely with the Delegated Administrative Organization Alberta Elevating Devices and Amusement Rides Safety Association (AEDARSA).
​JC Bawa (Chair)​Professional Engineers
​Sarah Burghardt​Public at Large
​Jeff Case​Construction Contractors
​Andrew Cross​Elevator Maintenance
​Don Ireland (Vice-Chair)​Labour
​Salim Merchant​Architecture

Richard Meunier

​Small Manufacturers and Lifts for Persons with Physical Disabilities Industry
Jeff MitchellEducation and Training
​Ernie Paustian​Real Estate Industry
​Daniel Theriault​Large Manufacturers
​Lonny Vanderheide​Building Owners
​Stephen Weston​Building Owners