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Launch Date
June 2018

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Council Connect

Council Connect Coming Soon:
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Fast, easy and secure access to your online account and enhanced service options.



Experience the Benefits of Council Connect

Empowering Users Enhancing Services Streamlining Processes
Access your account wherever
and whenever. Register online
for training courses, and retrieve your receipts 24/7.
View your account profile at a glance, check for real-time
status updates, and receive
renewal alerts.
Complete online applications
and conveniently make payments
by using any Visa/MC or Visa/MC debit card.

Connecting with the Council will soon get a whole lot easier!

Getting Connected

  • If you experience any difficulties with our new online system, access to technical support will be available at the click of a button, or call us toll free at 1-888-413-0099.

Self-Service Abilities

  • Compatible with most mobile devices, you can quickly update your account information, register for training courses, make a purchase, print tax receipts and confirm renewal dates.

One Stop Access

  • With access to your account profile at your fingertips, you can easily check your transactions, training course history and certification or DOP status at a glance.
  • Accredited organizations will be able to view most of their documentation, including their current Quality Management Plan (QMP).

Streamlining Processes

  • Simplifying application and payment processes by guiding you through online form completion.

Online Payments

  • With the capability to accept online payments using any Visa/MC or Visa/MC debit card, we will discontinue accepting traditional methods of payment, specifically cheques and cash.

Reducing Paperwork

  • Going digital and moving away from a paper-based service, means you can now complete applications and make payments online.
  • Whenever possible, we will communicate with you via email.
  • Stay current on the latest Council news by ensuring we have your primary email address.

Reporting & Tracking

  • The reporting feature allows us to alert you of up-and-coming renewal deadlines, while the tracking side lets you check for real-time status updates on applications, and monitor your training progress.


  • We've made learning more flexible by offering more online training courses that are user-friendly and can be accessed wherever and whenever on most mobile devices.

There are a few changes to existing procedures and services. To understand how these changes may affect you, please review the items listed below:

Safety Codes Officers & Master Electricians

Certification Renewals

  • With the ability to renew online wherever and whenever, there is no need for snowbirds to renew months in advance.

Self-Service Printing

  • All receipts, applications, renewals and reinstatements will be available online for printing. Wallet IDs and Wall Certificates will continue to be mailed via post.


Proctor Form Completion

  • Once you have downloaded and completed your portion of the form you will then be required to forward it to your Proctor, who will in turn sign and submit it to the Council through their online account.

Self-Service Printing

  • Course transcripts, online training course material, coaching reports and T2022A tax receipts will be available online for printing. Course material for print-based training courses will continue to be mailed via post.

Accredited Organizations

Centralized Information

  • Employers will be able to view their organization's key documents, including their current finalized QMP and annual fee statements, as well as track real-time application status updates online.

Designation of Power (DOP) Applications                                        

  • Employers will be responsible for submitting DOP applications online. It will no longer be necessary to have the SCO/PIO sign the application form.

DOP Status Updates

  • We will send an email notification to both the employer and the SCO or PIO when:
    • an SCO's DOP is approved or is closed
    • a PIO's DOP is approved, we will NOT however, notify either party when it is closed

Self-Service Printing

  • Most documents, such as annual fee statements, annual internal reviews and current QMPs will be available online for printing. Orders of Accreditation will continue to be mailed via post.

Validate DOPs          

  • Employers will be able to view an online real-time list of their current DOPs and will be required to review and validate this list periodically.

Validate QMP Manager       

  • Employers will receive an annual notification to review and validate their QMP Manager's contact information.