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Exam Kit

​​An exam kit is available through the Safety Codes Council for $50.00 + shipping. If you wish to order a kit, please go to Council Connect​ and click on the Online Store tab.

Exam Kit includes:
  • Becoming A Master Electrician, Safety Codes Council, 2018
  • Safety Codes Act - Certification and Permit Regulation AR 193/2019
  • Safety Codes Act - Permit Regulation 201/2017
  • Safety Codes Act – Electrical Code Regulation AR 126/2015
  • Apprenticeship & Industry Training Act - Electrician Trade Regulation AR 165/2017
  • Apprenticeship & Industry Training Act - Apprenticeship Program Regulation 119/2018
  • 2018 WCB Employer Handbook
  • Worksafe Employer's Guide, Occupational Health and Safety Act, 2018
  • Safety Codes Act 2017
  • Safety Codes Act - Administrative Items Regulation AR 16/2004
  • Electrical STANDATA

In preparation for the exam, it is recommended that you study the Acts and Regulations listed above as this knowledge is required in order to pass the master electrician exam.


Please note:

If you are enrolled in a Master Exam preparation course, an Exam Kit will be provided to you by the college.