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Out of Province Exam


If you have appropriate out-of-province certification that is current and in good standing, you may be eligible to write a Jurisprudence exam to obtain master electrician certification in Alberta. The jurisprudence exam is based on the concept that you have evaluated by another province and are deemed equivalent to the requirements of an Alberta master electrician.  However, you are required to study and be tested on Alberta specific differences in legislation.

To be eligible to write the Jurisprudence exam, you must have:

  • A Canadian-issued journeyman electrician certification held for a minimum of three years, and one of the following additional qualifications:
    • British Columbia Electrical Field Safety Representative (FSR) certification, or
    • Ontario master electrician certification; or
    • A certificate that was issued in another Canadian jurisdiction that is substantively equivalent to an Alberta master electrician certificate of competency.

To have your qualifications assessed, please log in to Council Connect and apply for the Jurisprudence exam. The fee for reviewing your application and qualifications is $50.00. If you are approved, the cost to write the exam is $150.00.  The total cost of $200.00 is the same as the cost of the full 7-hour master electrician exam. In both cases, the cost is applied to your first year of certification as a master electrician.

About the Jurisprudence exam:

  • online only
  • open book
  • 40 multiple-choice questions
  • two hour time limit
  • passing grade is 75%​


To write the Jurisprudence exam, you will need to have a proctor. A proctor is a person who will monitor your exam.  The Council requires that the person should not have a vested interested in your success – your boss, your employee or a close family member are all unsuitable for this reason. An appropriate choice for a proctor could include a faculty member, administrator or other professional staff member of a school or college, a librarian, regional staff member of Alberta Municipal Affairs, an employee of a testing centre, an educational counsellor, a priest, minister, etc.  A suitable location could be a training facility, the Safety Codes Council’s office in Edmonton, a public library or college, or another location approved by the Council.

You will need to have copies of Alberta legislation and other documents for the exam.  The examkit page lists the documents you will need. It may be purchased from the Council by going to Council Connect​ and clicking on the Online Store tab. If you prefer, you may locate them online and print them yourself.

Although the exam is open book, it is recommended that you study the documents listed above as this knowledge is required in order to pass the exam and work in Alberta.

Code Update Training

If you are certified as a master electrician based on the jurisprudence exam, you will be required to take the same code update training​ as other master electricians.

If you were certified in your home province based on the electrical code that was in force in Alberta at the time you passed the jurisprudence exam, code update training will not be required. If you obtained your certification under an earlier electrical code, you will be required to complete the code update training before you will be able to renew your certification.