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In order to write the Alberta Master Electrician exam, you must submit a copy of your Journeyman Certification and a current resume detailing your experience in the electrical industry. Each application will be assessed individually.

 The Certification and Permit Regulation states that:  
4(1) The Administrator may issue or renew a Master Electrician certificate to a person who
(a)     holds a trade certificate as an electrician under the Apprenticeship and Industry Training Act,
(b)     has, in the 5 years preceding the application,
 (i)    worked a minimum of 3 years in the electrical industry under a trade certificate referred to in clause (a), or
(ii)  been actively engaged in electrical contracting for a minimum of 3 years under a restricted master electrician certificate,
(c)    has paid the appropriate fee, and
(d)    has attained a mark of at least 75% in the master electrician examination approved by the Administrator.

Decisions on Master Electrician certification

As outlined in the Safety Codes Act, you may appeal a written decision by the Administrator of Certification regarding Master Electrician certification. If you disagree with a decision by the Administrator, please contact the Certification Department at to discuss your concerns. If you are unable to resolve your concerns and would like to formally appeal the decision, please refer to the Council's appeals process