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Code Update Training

Why am I required to take Code Update Training?

Education is a strategic priority at the Safety Codes Council s we strongly believe that ongoing training is in the best interest of the public safety for Albertans.  The decision to require code update training for master electricians was determined in consultation with representatives of industry and educational institutions in Alberta.

When do I have to take code update training?

Code update training may be required, at the discretion of the Administrator of Certification, with each code cycle, starting with the 2015 Canadian Electrical Code. Code cycles are approximately 3 years in length.

The 2018 Canadian Electrical Code will be adopted in Alberta in 2019.  After the adoption date, you will need to provide the Council with a copy of your certificate or transcript before you will be able to renew.

Where can I take the required training?

Code Update Training is offered in various places throughout Alberta. Please ensure that you are taking a Safety Codes Council recognized course before registering.

What information do I need to provide and how do I get it to you?

Log in to your account on Council Connect.  Click on Certification Maintenance where you will see the code update requirement.  Upload your document showing that you completed the code update. A certificate or transcript is acceptable proof of completion; a receipt is not. How will I be notified that I am required to take Code Update Training?

You will be notified by email each time a new edition of the Canadian Electrical Code is in force to let you know that you have a year to complete the required training. The renewal reminder notice that you will receive by email 2 months before you renew will also include a reminder to complete your code update training.

If I don't take the required training, what will happen to my certificate?

If you have not completed the code update training, you will not be able to renew your certification and will not be able to take out permits.

I haven't renewed in a few years. How do I renew my Masters Certification?

In order to renew you will need to complete any outstanding code update training.  Once that has been done, you will log in to Council Connect​ and click on Renew. You will see your outstanding requirement and will be able to upload a copy of your certificate as part of your renewal process.

I am both a master electrician and an electrical safety codes officer. Do I need to upload my code update information for both designations?

No. You can upload your document under either your SCO or master electrician certification. ​