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Code of Ethics

Where can I find a copy of the ME Code of Ethics?  What does it say?

The Code of Ethics can be found in here​​ and in the Master Electrician Certification Policy as Appendix A. You can also call the Safety Codes Office and ask to have a copy mailed to you or you can pick up a print copy at our office during regular business hours.

Why do we have to do this?  And why now?

Members of many organizations are required to acknowledge a code of ethical behaviour, including Alberta Master Electricians.  Having expectations clearly stated is intended to help Master Electricians identify situations that may be unethical.  With a code of ethics in place, it's easier to talk about what should or should not be done.

What do I do if I am aware of a Master Electrician who has acted unethically?

The Council cannot act on complaints of unethical behaviour unless they are submitted by a named individual and supporting information is given.  We have a formal complaint process that must be followed.  Please contact our office if you have questions on this process. 

What if I have already signed a Code of Ethics for ECAA, APEGA, ASET or another organization I belong to?

You are still required to sign the Code of Ethics for Master Electricians.  It will not conflict with other organizations' codes of ethics.  They all have the same intent behind them – to make it clear the behaviour that is expected of a membership group.

If you feel you have a conflict with another code of ethics that binds you, please speak to a certification associate at the Safety Codes Council who can advise you.

Will I need to take a course similar to the ECAA Code of Ethics course?

No.  The Council is not requiring additional training.  The Code of Ethics will be incorporated into new training and into the ME exam.  A course from ECAA or another organization may be helpful but it's not required to retain your certification as a master electrician.

Do I need to sign the code of ethics?

The Master Electrician Exam Application and the Application for Renewal will both have an added statement that you will be required to sign to indicate acceptance of the code of ethics as part of the application.  Those Master Electricians who renew online will click an "Accept" button to acknowledge acceptance of the Code of Ethics.