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​What are the requirements to become a master electrician?

To become a master electrician, you must fulfill the following criteria, as stated in the Certification & Permit Regulation:

  • Master electrician certification may be issued to an applicant who:
  • holds a trade certificate as an electrician under the Apprenticeship and Industry Training Act,
  • has, in the 5 years preceding the application,
    worked a minimum of 3 years in the electrical industry under a trade certificate referred to in clause (a), or
    has been actively engaged in electrical contracting for a minimum of 3 years under a restricted master electrician certificate,
  • has paid the appropriate fee, and
  • has attained a mark of at least 75% in the master electrician examination approved by the Administrator.​

In order to write the Alberta master electrician exam, please go to Council Connect and create an account.  You will be asked to upload your journeyman certification as well as provide a detailed summary of your work experience in the electrical industry. Each application is reviewed by Council associates on the basis of whether it meets the requirements of the Certification and Permit regulation and is then approved by the Administrator of Certification.

What if my journeyman qualification is issued outside of Alberta or Canada?
Journeyman certification issued by any province other than Alberta will be assessed on an individual basis. You can find more information on out-of-province requirements here.

We do not assess credentials from other countries.  You may require assessment by Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training.


What does the exam test me on?
The Exam will test you on the current edition of the Canadian Electrical Code Part 1, as well as the acts and regulations included in the Exam Kit.​


You will be provided with the documents listed above when you write the exam, but it is recommended that you become familiar with them in advance.


How long is the exam?
The exam is 7 hours total. It contains 2 sections; each section can take up to 3.5 hours to complete. You will be allowed up to an hour break between each section.


Where can I write the exam?
You may write at any of the scheduled sittings. View the exam schedule.

If you cannot write on any of the scheduled dates, you can write on an individual basis in Edmonton at the Safety Codes Council office during regular business hours. The online application process includes the option to include the date and location you prefer to write.  


How much is it to write the master electrician exam?
The total cost is $200.00 each time you write the exam or a section of the exam. The cost of your first year of certification ($125.00) is included in this fee.


How do I get study materials?
You may purchase an exam kit from the Safety Codes Council for $50.00 + shipping to help you prepare for the exam.  You also have the option of locating and printing the documents yourself.  The documents you need are listed on the Exam Kit page.


Do you offer exam preparation courses?
The Safety Codes Council does not offer master electrician exam preparation courses. To find a college in your area that does, see the Courses page. You will need to contact the college directly to find out about upcoming master electrician courses.


What mark do I need to pass?
You will need an average of 75 per cent over both sections with no less than 60 per cent on either section.


What happens after I pass?
You will receive a wall certificate and a wallet ID card in the mail. This ID card is to be presented to the permit issuing authorities each time you wish to take out a permit.


What if I pass one part and fail the second; do I have to re-write both parts?
If you have less than 60 per cent on either part, you are required to re-write that part.

If you have higher than 60 per cent on both parts, but less than 75% average, you have the option of re-writing only the part you received the lowest grade on. 


After re-writing, do you take the highest mark or the most recent mark?
Your highest mark will be used to calculate your average. If you rewrite only one part of the exam, your new average will be calculated using your highest mark for each part of the exam.


Is the exam written or online?
Currently, the exam is only in written form.


What am I required to bring to the exam?

You will need to bring:

  • Government issued photo ID
  • HB #2 Pencil
  • Non-Programmable Calculator
  • Eraser​