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How can I find out if a master electrician is active?

Members of the public can find out whether a person is an active master electrician by going to Council Connect​.  Click on the "Credential Search" tab.  You do not need to have an account. 
To search a master electrician's status, you will need the correct spelling of his or her their last name and the master electrician number.

Use the master electrician Search to see if the last name and Master number match, and if the Master certification in question is active.

The Council requires that all permit issuing authorities check the "Credential Search" to ensure that the master electrician is active. Master electrician identification cards and government issued photo ID should also be checked to confirm that the person is an active master electrician.

Can I transfer my Master's Certification to another province, or vice versa?

Under certain interprovincial legislation, an Alberta master electrician will be able to work in another province, although there may be an exam on province-specific requirements.
If you have certification from another Canadian jurisdiction, you may be able to write the jurisprudence exam rather than the full 7 hour master electrician exam.  Information is available on the Out of Province Exam page.

Can I pay any fees over the phone?

No, the Council will not accept payments via phone. All payments will be made online beginning October 22, 2018.  ​

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