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How do I renew my master electrician certification? 
To renew your certification, you must create an online account and renew and pay online using Council Connect.  Paper forms and cheques will no longer be accepted.


How do I know when I am supposed to renew?
The Safety Codes Council will send you a reminder by email two months prior to your certification expiry date.


Are there any annual fees?
The annual renewal fee is $125.00. There is an additional fee of $25.00 to renew a master electrician certification that is expired, suspended or voluntarily cancelled.


Why can't I renew online?
Master electricians are required to take a code update course on new electrical codes. If you have not completed code update training AND provided proof of completion to the Council, you will not be able to renew until you have completed the code update training and uploaded your certificate or transcript using Council Connect. More information on code update training can be found here. 


What happens if I do not renew before my expiry date?
You will not have the authority to take out permits.

Your inactive status will show online to anyone, including permit issuers, who searches your name and master electrician number.  You will be advised by email of your inactive status.


What do I do when I wish to retire or pursue another career?
You may voluntarily cancel your certification. Voluntary cancellation means that you will no longer be able to take out permits.  You will not be notified about upcoming expiry dates and you will not have to pay an annual fee. If you decide to return to active status at a later date, you may be required to take code update or other required training and will pay a late fee of $25. You will not lose your ME number.  

To voluntarily cancel, we ask that you log in to Council Connect and submit your request in writing. Please state clearly that you would like your master electrician status moved to voluntarily cancelled status.

Please log in to Council Connect​ to submit your request.

If you prefer, you may provide this request by email at


Are there any requirements or courses I need to complete yearly to keep my Master certification active?
Master electricians may be required to take code update training​ when a new Canadian Electrical Code is issued. All active Masters will be notified by email if code update courses are required.​