The Council’s accreditation policies require that notice be provided when the Council receives a new application for accreditation, or, when the Council receives an application to modify the scope of an existing accreditation. The Council notifies directly affected accredited organizations by mail, and publishes a Notice of Intent on the Council’s website. The Notice of Intent lists all applications that have been received, and are under consideration. It is updated as new accredited applications are received. 

A directly affected organization is either an accredited municipality, corporation, or the Alberta Safety Codes Authority (ASCA) that will be impacted by the applicant organization becoming accredited. As a result, directly affected organizations have an opportunity to provide a written submission within 30 days of the date of the notice sent by the Administrator. The deadline to provide input is clearly identified on the notice and is also listed on the Council’s website. Received written submission will be considered in the determination of the applicant’s accreditation eligibility. 

If you are planning to provide a written submission to the Administrator, the information must be received on or before the stated due date. Any information received past the due date will not be given consideration. By providing a written submission to the Administer of Accreditation, an accredited organization acknowledges and consents that the Administrator of Accreditation will provide that submission to the party that has applied to become accredited. 

Submissions can be sent via mail to: 
Administrator of Accreditation 
Safety Codes Council 
500, 10405 Jasper Ave. Edmonton, Alberta. 
T5J 3N4 

Or by email at​