The purpose of the transition plan is to ensure an orderly transition from the current organization that is "authority having jurisdiction" to the organization that will become the authority having jurisdiction. 

For municipalities becoming accredited, the current authority having jurisdiction will always be the Alberta Safety Codes Authority (ASCA), which was established by the Government of Alberta to administer the Act in the unaccredited areas of the province.  ASCA will, similarly, become the authority assuming jurisdiction when an accredited municipality is voluntarily cancelling their accreditation. 

In terms of corporations, defining the current authority having jurisdiction is a little more complex.  It may be a municipality.  It could be ASCA.  But it also could be another accredited corporation, where a merger, acquisition, or sale is driving the need to become, modify, or cancel an accreditation. 

A transition plan is not required for a newly accredited agency, or when an accredited agency modifies its accreditation.  As agencies operate under the jurisdiction of an accredited municipality, accredited corporation, or ASCA, there is no transfer of jurisdictional authority when they become, modify, or cancel accreditation.  That being said, when an agency voluntarily cancels their accreditation, a transition plan will be required by the Administrator.  Having a transition plan in place in that instance will help the accredited municipality, or corporation, manage the transition of work to their new agency. ​


With regard to the template itself, it:

  • Identifies the date the transfer of authority will occur, or the effective date. 
  • Defines roles and responsibilities of the parties involved. 
  • Determines how open permits will be managed to closure, and by which party. 
  • Contains provisions related to the management and transfer of permit and inspection records
  • Sets the communication protocols that will be implemented and followed to ensure that appropriate information is shared and provided within each organization and members of the public.
Please email the Accreditation department at for a transition plan.