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Quality Management Plan

A Quality Management Plan is a document in which an organization (e.g. municipality, regional services commission, corporation, agency) describes the disciplines (or parts of disciplines) and extent of safety services it intends to provide when it becomes accredited.
A Quality Management Plan consists of the following:
  • details of the discipline(s) and the components of the Safety Codes Act the organization seeks to administer
  • a statement committing senior management to the plan 
  • an organization chart outlining operational structures and reporting responsibilities
  • an outline of safety policies and standards and the process for ensuring compliance, e.g., the number of inspections and at what stages, plans review (if applicable), verification of compliance, resolution of non-compliance (variances and orders
  • a strategy that ensures the ability of a safety codes officer to make decisions without undue influence from management or elected officials 
  • a strategy that prohibits persons from participating in design, construction or installation activities for projects for which they are involved in compliance monitoring.
To view our Quality Management Plan templates, please see our Becoming Accredited section.
Organizations are encouraged to contact the Safety Codes Council for assistance and guidance with respect to drafting or amending a Quality Management Plan. The Safety Codes Council will initially draft a Quality Managements Plan to meet an organization's individual circumstances. Organizations are encouraged to have the Safety Codes Council review any Quality Management Plan draft prior to consideration for approval by Municipal Councils or Corporate Management.