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The Minister is responsible for encouraging and coordinating the safe management of any thing, process, or activity to which the Safety Codes Act (Act) applies, including the principles of barrier-free design. In addition, the Minister is responsible for administering the Act. However, the Minister can grant, or delegate, authority to administer the Act to an accredited municipality1, or corporation within their jurisdictions. An agency can also become accredited, but cannot administer the Act without being contracted to an accredited municipality, regional services commission, or corporation. 

The responsibility to accredit organizations was delegated by the Minister to the Safety Codes Council (Council), a statutory corporation that was created under section 16 of the Act, and to the Administrator of Accreditation. The Council through the Administrator of Accreditation receives, reviews and approves applications to become accredited, modify an existing accreditation, or voluntarily cancel an existing accreditation. 

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Currently, approximately 87% of Alberta’s municipalities that comprise of approximately 98% of Alberta’s population are covered by accreditation issued under the authority of the Act. In terms of the total number of accredited organizations in Alberta, approximately 67% are municipalities, 21% are corporations, and 12% are agencies. 

Approximately 60% of municipalities are accredited in all of the major built environment disciplines (building, electrical, fire, gas and plumbing). Another 20% are accredited in every discipline except fire, and approximately 14% are accredited in fire only. 

Over three quarters (77%) of accredited corporations are accredited only in the electrical discipline. The remaining 23% are accredited in more than one discipline in a number of various different combinations. 

Most agencies are accredited in only one discipline, approximately 65%. Only approximately 20% are accredited in more than one discipline. There is only one accredited regional service commission, the Beaver Emergency Services Commission. It is only accredited in the fire discipline. Four of eight Metis Settlements are accredited. Three of four are accredited in the building, electrical, gas and plumbing disciplines. The fourth is only accredited in the building discipline.