Update Accreditation

Where an agencies, corporations, or municipalities are required to update their accreditation by the Administrator, or if they wish to update it to comply with the most recent QMP template, an Update Accreditation application is submitted through Council Connect.  Circumstances where this application would apply are:

·         Updating a Quality Management Plan (QMP) to the most current template published by the Council.
·         Changing the name of the QMP Manager, Chief Elected Official, Chief Administrative Officer, or Senior Executive Officer.
·         Consolidating multiple QMPs into one QMP that does not result in the addition or cancellation of technical disciplines.
·         Updating the organizational chart within the QMP
·         Changes to the technical service delivery standards in the QMP.
·         Changes to the names of the codes being administered in the technical disciplines.
·         Any other updates that are required by the Administrator out of the control of the accredited organization.

1.    All applications must include:

Draft QMP

A redlined version of the QMP template published by the Council reflecting the requested changes to the scope of the organization's accreditation.  The QMP templates can be found here.

2.    Application Fee

There is no fee for an Update Accreditation application.​