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​The Council was created to support the delivery of the safety codes and standards in the province of Alberta.  The Safety Codes Act (Act)​ authorizes the collection of a levy so the Council has the means to fulfill the duties and powers of our mandate as stated in the and directed by the Minister of Municipal Affairs.  The Levy provides the Council with the majority of its funding.  The funds collected are invested in developing training for safety codes officers, providing tracking systems for safety codes activities, and monitoring the effectiveness of the safety codes system.  Levies are also directed towards educating users and local-level administrators of the safety codes system.

 Municipalities and the Alberta Safety Codes Authority (ASCA) can charge permit fees to cover the cost of administering the within its boundaries.  If the municipality or ASCA engages an agency to provide safety codes services on its behalf, the agency can charge and collect fees on behalf of the municipality or ASCA.  A portion of these permit fees collected make up the levy that must be remitted to the Council. Administration of a permit includes any and all activity associated with ensuring the terms and conditions of a permit are satisfied, including permit issuance, plans review, code advice, site inspection, verification of compliance, orders and variances and permit services reports.  If a fee is charged for any of these activities, it is subject to the Safety Codes Council levy.​ 

For more information, including the definition of what constitutes a "permit fee", read the article below: Levies on Permits - What's it all about?​