Ministerial Order (TCS:003/20) that allowed for the suspension or modification of requirements under the Safety Codes Act in support of the pandemic response expired on August 14, 2020.

The order may be reissued at any time if another public state of health emergency is declared by the province or a local state of public health emergency is declared by a regional health authority for all or part of that region.

Permits that were issued under the Ministerial Order continue to be valid. The Ministerial Order was retroactive to the provincial state of public health emergency declared on March 17, 2020 and all facility sites that met the conditions of the order are in compliance with the Safety Codes Act and may remain with the modified conditions.

The flexibility provided under the Order was key to the risk-based approach on permits and inspections for temporary health facilities, such as converting restaurant drive-thrus into testing drive-thrus and hotels and convention centres into isolation or medical facilities.

As accredited municipalities are responsible for the administration of the Safety Codes Act in their jurisdiction, including the carrying out of its powers and duties under the Act, the optional modified permit form and guidelines available below may continue to be used or the accredited municipality may adapt the permit form to support local conditions.