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How do I appeal?

To file a Notice of Appeal, you must provide all of the following:

  • A copy of the order or the refusal, suspension, or cancellation you are appealing
  • A concise statement setting out the grounds for appeal
  • The Appellant’s contact information including e-mail, if applicable
  • The appropriate appeal fee
  • The signature of the Appellant
Your appeal to the Safety Codes Council must be in writing and signed.  You must use the Notice of Appeal form to submit your appeal.  

Where do I send my appeal?
A Notice of Appeal must be filed with:
The Coordinator of Appeals
Safety Codes Council
500 10405 Jasper Avenue NW
Edmonton AB  T5J 3N4 
Tel: 780-413-0099 Toll Free:  1-888-413-0099
Fax: 780-424-5134 Toll Free: 1-888-424-5134
How much does it cost to appeal?

The Appeal Fee for most appeals is $500. The Appeal Fee for an appeal of an order is $500. The Appeal Fee for a suspension of a Certificate of Competency is $100. Download a list of Appeal Fees here.
What if the recipient of an Order complies with the Order?
Contact the Coordinator of Appeals. If all of the items of the order are complied with there is no basis for appeal and the hearing does not proceed.

How long will the hearing take?

There is no exact answer for this.  The amount of time needed may depend on the complexity of what is being appealed and the number of people providing testimony. At the hearing the Appellant and Respondent are given opportunity to present their case and to ask and answer questions. On average hearings are completed within 3 hours.
Can I have legal counsel?

Yes, you may appoint someone to represent you.  This is your choice and at your cost.  The Council does not provide representation for you.
What is a Hearing Brief and why should I provide one?
A Hearing Brief is a collection of written materials provided by the Appellant or Respondent that supports their case. It might include a statement of issues and any other documentation to substantiate arguments that you wish the Appeal Panel to consider. It is up to you (or your appointed agent) to provide the appeal panel with the facts they need to know about your case. It is up to you to support your position. Provide evidence that is relevant to your case that relates to the issues and facts. Download a basic outline of what might be included in a Hearing Brief here.

Will the hearing be recorded?

No.  Recording devices are not allowed in the hearing.  The Council is not required to keep a record of the hearing.
How does the Safety Codes Council issue their decision?
The Panel's decision is made in the form of a Council Order within sixty (60) days of the completion of the hearing setting out the findings of fact upon which the Panel based its decision; and the reasons for that decision.

Can I appeal the Council’s decision?
The decision of the Council is final and may only be appealed to the Court of Queen’s Bench on a question of law or jurisdiction. Refer to Section 53 of the Safety Codes Act for further information.