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Filing an Appeal

If you are planning to file an appeal with the Coordinator of Appeals, this section will provide you with the information you need to know about the Council’s appeal process.

Notice of Appeal

To be considered, your notice of appeal must be submitted with the appropriate appeal fee and within the applicable time frame. Your appeal to the Safety Codes Council must be in writing and signed. You must use the Notice of Appeal form for your Notice to be accepted by the Council.

To file a Notice of Appeal, you must provide all of the following:
  • A copy of the order or written decision you are appealing
  • A concise statement setting out the grounds for appeal
  • The Appellant’s contact information including e-mail, if applicable
  • The appropriate appeal fee
  • The signature of the Appellant
Stay of the Order
A notice of appeal or appeal in progress does not stay an order or a notice of refusal, suspension or cancellation. A specific written request to stay an order or the notice, pending the outcome of the appeal, must be made to the Council by the person who was served or by their appointed agent.  An order or notice might set out what a person is required to do and the time within it must be done.  Your appeal hearing might not occur before the compliance date on the order or written notice.  It is up to you to request a stay of the order or written notice pending the outcome of the appeal. Council policy 3.80 provides further information on a stay pending the outcome of appeal.
Hearing Letter
After filing your notice of appeal, the Council will send you two letters. The first letter will acknowledge your notice of appeal. The second letter will provide the location, date, and time of your appeal hearing.