Many construction sites use temporary heating to allow work to continue through Alberta's cold winters. A common type of temporary heating system uses propane to fuel heaters.

Propane is a widely-used fuel, and it is a safe fuel as long as it is handled properly. However, over the years, some of the Safety Codes Council's partners and stakeholders have noticed that temporary propane heating systems in residential construction sites sometimes do not meet safety requirements.

In 2014, Alberta Municipal Affairs provided a grant to the Council to create a program to address these safety concerns. Working with stakeholders and contractors, the Council developed a program that shows best practices and base requirements for temporary propane heat setups.

The Safe Temporary Propane Heat program consists of three components: a pamphlet, quick reference cards, and a video. Each is targeted to a specific audience and contains a corresponding level of detail. A variety of formats were used to address diverse roles and to accommodate different learning styles.



  • Instructional-style
  • Directed towards a broad audience, including construction and safety staff, management, and the general public

Watch the Video



  • Shows the most information of the three components
  • Geared towards those responsible for overseeing the installation and inspection of temporary propane heat: construction site managers, safety managers, and SCOs in disciplines other than gas

Safe Temporary Propane Heat Pamphlet


Quick Reference Cards

  • Used by people on construction sites to quickly ensure propane heat is set up and handled safely
  • Geared towards construction workers, and for propane supply companies to give to their clients

Quick Reference Cards.JPG 


How to Get Materials

A large-scale launch occured in September 2015 to coincide with the return of cold weather. As part of the broad launch, pamphlets and cards were distributed to about 400 partners and stakeholders.

Please contact to request pamphlets and quick reference cards.