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Safety Codes Council Awards Program


We will begin acception nominations for our 2020 awards this fall!

The Safety Codes Council manages the system of safety codes and standards in Alberta to ensure that our province remains a safe place to live, work, and play.
The Safety Codes Council Awards Program has been developed to recognize the individuals and organizations who do outstanding work in upholding and strengthening the safety codes system. By recognizing the contributions of these people and organizations, the Council encourages further participation and ongoing excellence within the safety codes system.
Please read the following nomination instructions carefully.
Dr. Sauer Award
At the Council level, we honour a volunteer member who demonstrates the commitment and energy of Dr. Ken Sauer, former Chair and longtime member of the Safety Codes Council.

Accreditation Award

The Accreditation Award recognizes an accredited municipality, corporation, or agency that shows exemplary behaviour in safety codes administration, staff engagement, and public awareness about the safety codes system.

Certification Award

The Certification Award recognizes a safety codes officer who performs their duties with integrity, demonstrates an ongoing commitment to the profession, and is an active leader, mentor, and promoter within the safety codes system.