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Safety Tips

​​​​​​​​Looking to do some home renovations? These Safety Tips brochures will help you understand when you need a permit. Whether you're building a deck or a swimming pool, help do your part in keeping Alberta safe by checking out the information in these brochures.

Please see the Alberta Municipal Affairs website​ for more information.

​​Safety Tips Installing a Fireplace.JPG
Safety Tips Private Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs and Spas.JPG

Safety Tips Finishing Your Basement.JPG
Safety Tips Smoke Alarm Home Installation.JPG

Safety Tips Do I Need a Building Permit.JPG

Safety Tips Building a Detached Residential Garage.JPG

Safety Tips Additions to a Residence.JPG
Safety Tips Secondary Suite Standards.JPG

Safety Tips Building a Wood Deck.JPG

Safety Tips Exterior Stairs for Homes.JPG

Safety Tips Solid Fuel-Burning Appliances.JPG

Safety Tips Clearances from Cooktops.JPG

Safety Tips Carbon Monoxide Alarm Home Installation.JPG