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family.jpgOur provincial safety system touches on all aspects of life.
Whenever we turn on the light, wash our hands, or adjust the thermostat, it has to work safely. The Safety Codes Council is constantly reviewing and updating codes to recognize new practices and to improve on old ones to be safer, more efficient, or better for the environment. 
Here you will find information relevant to all Albertans. Safety Tips are brochures for many home improvement projects, the Variances section reports any adaptations to the code that have been allowed, or Orders where you will find out about orders for compliance; check Appeals for appeal proceedings. Of course, all are welcome to check out our Annual Conference, for learning and networking within the safety codes system.

Alberta: a safe place to live, work, and play.


Working with our partners and stakeholders, the Safety Codes Council provides an effective and sustainable safety codes system for structures, facilities, and equipment.


The Safety Codes Council is focused on the safety of Albertans and guided by these core values:
Innovation: We encourage and promote excellence.
Empowerment: We promote accountability, celebrate successes, and recognize achievements.
Integrity: We conduct ourselves in a fair, responsible, and transparent manner.
Teamwork: We are committed to effective partnerships.
Leadership: We foster leadership at all levels.
**The Safety Codes Council is a Scent-free environment. 
Please do not use scented products while conducting business with the Council.**