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The Safety Codes Act allows for the issuance of variances. Variances are also referred to as "alternative solutions" in some codes. A variance or "alternative solution" may only be issued by a safety codes officer, a technical administrator, or the Safety Codes Council.

Variances are requested by the owner to the safety codes officer.
Variances are intended to allow for innovative design and new construction technology or methodology. 
Variances issued under the Act may be used as a means to authorize installations, processes, equipment, or actions that are not consistent with the strict provisions of existing rules, but which provides an equal or greater level of safety to persons and property than that prescribed pursuant to the Act.

Section 38 of the Act requires notification of an Administrator for all variances issued by safety codes officers. The Council maintains a registry system houses a record of these variances. In addition to a copy of the issued variance, the Council also requested that relevant supporting documentation be provided. The Safety Codes Council no longer requires supporting documentation. All that the Council requires to be submitted is a copy of the signed variance that has been issued.

Variance policy currently under review based on recent notice from Alberta Municipal Affairs

Request for a Specific Variance form

Request for a Specific Variance sample

Variance sample