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3-Year Renewal

​​​​FAQs on the three-year renewal cycle.

Will my renewal fee increase?
No. If you are currently an SCO, renewal fees after certification are $125 for 5 years: $25 per year. The Council will use the same $25 annual amount as the basis for renewals, but instead of paying $125 for 5 years, you will pay $75 for 3 years.

What if I have more than one certification and they renew on different dates? Which one will be the anniversary date for my renewal and continuing education report?

SCOs who hold multiple certifications with different expiry dates will have all certifications realigned to a common anniversary date, which will also be the date for continuing education. The certification with the latest expiry date will be used as the new common anniversary date.

What if I get additional certi​​fications later?

If you gain an additional certification after October 2018, the fee will be pro-rated and your anniversary date will be maintained.

Will the renewal process be different?

Yes. In October the Council will launch Council Connect, a new online system available 24 hours a day. After October, in order to renew, you will go online and enter your ID and password. From there, you will see options where you can:

  • renew your certification and pay online using a credit card
  • track your training history
  • register for courses
  • track and report your completed continuing education activities
  • browse to find interesting continuing education suggestions
  • check the status of your certification(s)
  • pay for courses and renewals using the secure online payment system.

Will I get a new ID card?

New ID cards and certificates with the new expiry dates will be sent to SCOs after the renewal dates are changed in October. Please make sure the Council has your correct mailing and email contact information.

Will I get new certificates for certification and DOP?

Yes.​ New certificates will be sent out by mail.

SCOs will no longer be sent a new certificate upon each renewal. They will have one certificate showing each certification Group and Level, but the renewal dates will not be included.

SCOs will be able to go to Council Connect and print a new certificate at their convenience if it becomes lost or damaged.

Is there anything SCOs need to do now?

Yes. Please make sure that the Council has an up to date email address for you. If you do not have an email account or do not regularly use email, you will need to make sure that you have an account that you can check for renewal notices and information about continuing education opportunities.