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 Certification Details

Scope of Practice​

  1. Inspect major occupancy buildings identified as small assembly, residential, business and personal services, mercantile, and low hazard industrial buildings (less than 600 m2).  These buildings:
    1. may not have fire alarm systems, standpipe systems, sprinkler systems or other automatic fire suppression systems with the exception that they may have a commercial wet chemical kitchen fire suppression system;
    2. cannot be an assembly occupancy with an occupant load greater than 150 people;
    3. cannot be a group B1, B2, or B3 occupancy (detention, treatment, or care facility), such as a penitentiary, or hospital; and
    4. cannot be a group F1 or F2 occupancy (high and medium hazard industrial) such as chemical warehouse or spray-paint operations.

Entry Qualifications
High School Diploma or Grade 12 Equivalent
(A copy of your diploma or equivalent will be required when you apply.)
Base Competency Courses
Technical Requirements Courses