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Certification maintains a standard of excellence in certifying safety codes officers, in granting Designation of Powers in accordance with the Safety Codes Act, and by working to enhance the professionalism of the role of the safety codes officer.
The Safety Codes Council is responsible for the training and certification of all safety codes officers in the province of Alberta.
Becoming a Safety Codes Officer
As a safety codes officer, you will have an interesting and varied occupation that you can practice anywhere in Alberta. There is great demand for safety codes officers across the province and in all disciplines.
To be certified as a safety codes officer, an applicant must meet specific requirements. The list below outlines required entry qualifications for that discipline, and additional training that you are required to complete for certification as a safety codes officer. 
When you have successfully completed all of the requirements, you may apply for a Certificate of Competency as a safety codes officer by submitting a completed application form with the application fee and supporting documentation such as a copy of your journeyman certificate and your resume detailing the required years of related experience..
Safety codes officers must be given the authority to administer the Safety Codes Act. Accredited organizations and safety codes officers (or a person hired to issue permits) complete a joint application for Designation of Powers.
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