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Building SCO Certification and Training Structure

The Building certification and training structure changed in 2016.

There are several benefits to changing the Building SCO training structure. The new certification and training structure:

  • provides flexibility for Building SCOs and their employers by maintaining separate structural and HVAC certifications
  • streamlines training and reduces overall training costs for students, Building SCOs and accredited organizations
  • simplifies and clarifies the scopes of practice for Building SCOs
  • establishes a more appropriate scope of practice for new Building SCOs
  • more closely aligns certification levels used in Alberta with those used for building officials in other provinces and territories

Additional information can also be found in the New Building Certification and Training Structure for SCOs booklet.  


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What does the new certification structure look like?

Residential Residential Housing except HVAC
Part 9 Part 9, except HVAC, and Part 10
Part 3 All Buildings except HVAC
HVAC Residential HVAC Systems for all Residential Housing
HVAC  All All HVAC Systems
Medical Gas Medical Gas Piping Systems
Hydronic Heating Hydronic Heating Systems