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Safety Codes Officers



Safety codes officers, or SCOs, inspect the construction, installation, operation, and maintenance of structures and systems to ensure compliance with relevant codes, standards and regulations. 

SCOs are involved with the elements of public safety covered by the Safety Codes Act in the following disciplines: Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Gas, Fire, Barrier Free Design and Access, Amusement Rides, Pressure Equipment, Elevators, and Passenger Ropeways.
SCOs work in a variety of locations such as offices, construction sites, utility stations, ski areas, and amusement parks.  Employers include accredited organizations (municipalities, agencies, corporations and regional service commissions) and the Alberta Government.

 The Safety Codes Council is responsible for the training and certification of all safety codes officers in the province of Alberta. Additionally, the Safety Codes Council provides a mentoring program to assist organizations in their support of mentor/mentee relationships between experienced and less experienced safety codes officers.
Designation of Powers
Designation of Powers is the process of authorizing safety codes officers to function within the framework of an accredited organization. It provides the safety codes officer the authority to administer the Safety Codes Act.
Permit Issuers

Permit issuers are individuals who have been designated powers under the Safety Codes Act to issue permits for activities in the building, electrical, gas, and plumbing disciplines. Permit Issuers may issue permits in instances where specific safety codes officer skills are not needed.
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