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Electrical, Group A CEC C22.1-12
Course ID: 100113

This course is for Electrical Group A SCOs. It deals with installations covered by Part I of the Canadian Electrical Code, including:

• Residential and commercial

• Section 2 General Rules

• Conductor ampacities

• Service entrance

• Circuit loading and demand factors

• Bonding and grounding

• Wiring methods

• Protection and control

• Class 1 and class 2 circuits

• Hazardous locations

• Patient care areas in hospitals

• Fire alarm systems

• Signs and outline lighting

• High voltage installations

• Emergency systems and unit equipment

• Optical fibre cables

• Communication systems

• Electric heat

• Cathodic protection

• Interconnection of electrical power production sources

Reference Material
2012 Canadian Electrical Code
Distance learning - print-based
Examination - pass grade is 80%
Cost includes course materials, assigned course advisor, and examination: