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Written Communication for Safety Codes Officers
Course ID: 100145M

This course is a prerequisite to all discipline-specific SCO certification training. It is designed to provide you with refresher training and with additional effective strategies for written communication. You will learn how to communicate effectively and you will be provided with an opportunity to practice these skills.

Please see thecourse syllabus for a complete overview of the course, including learning objectives.


Online Delivery

The Written Communication for Safety Codes Officers course is delivered via Moodle, the Council’s online learning platform.  Students are provided with access to the course through Moodle and must complete exercises to be forwarded to their course advisor for evaluation.  Moodle allows students to access their course materials over the internet from home computers, laptops and smartphones.



Assignments throughout the course will be graded by your course advisor.



Cost includes Moodle access and course advisor.