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Building, Alberta Energy Code for Housing and Small Buildings, ABC 2014
Course ID: 100123

This course familiarizes students with the requirements of Alberta Building Code 2014 Section 9.36. Energy Efficiency. The learning objectives are as follows:

  • Describe the ​​reasons energy efficiency is being mandated by code.
  • Describe the objectives and functional statements of 9.36.
  • Describe the scope of application for the requirements of Section 9.36.
  • Describe the three 9.36. compliance paths: prescriptive, trade-off, and performance.
  • Describe the scope and application of the building envelope requirements of Subsection 9.36.2.
  • Describe the prescriptive requirements for different thermal characteristics of building envelope components.
  • Describe the effect of climate zones and heat recovery ventilators on requirements for above-ground assemblies, fenestration, and below-ground assemblies.
  • Describe the requirements for continuity of insulation.
  • Describe airtightness and construction air-barrier requirements.
  • Describe the performance requirements of HVAC components.
  • Describe service water heating system requirements.
  • Describe the trade-off options for above-ground building envelope components.
  • Describe the process of building energy modelling.
  • Describe the requirements for energy modelling.​

Reference Material

​Alberta Building Code 2014


​Distance learning through online Moodle learning management system. Classroom delivery is available until June 2017 (please check website for updates on scheduled dates).



Cost includes the following: 

  • access to ​online course, 
  • examination, and
  • classroom component (if classroom option is chosen) or assigned course advisor (if distance option is chosen).