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Petroleum Storage Tank Registration Ended on August 31, 2020
September 04, 2020

Tank Owners can apply for ASCA's Storage Tank Operating Permit here.

The petroleum tank registration system administered by the Petroleum Tank Management Association of Alberta expired on August 31, 2020.

Owners of petroleum tanks, fuel stations, bulk flammable and/or combustible liquid tank farms will need to apply for a Storage Tank System Operating Permit if their property is located in an area under the jurisdiction of the Alberta Safety Codes Authority.

You can find out the jurisdiction of your property by using our Where to Get a Permit tool.

If your location lists the Alberta Safety Codes Authority as the contact for permits and related information under Storage Tank Systems - Fire Code, you will need to apply for the Storage Tank System Operating Permit. If your local municipality is the contact, then you will not need to apply for the permit.

For more information, please see the Storage Tank Management section of our website.

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