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February 01, 2016
Fire safety codes officers are not required to take code update training for the recently-adopted Alberta Fire Code (AFC) 2014. For info ...Read the full article
January 25, 2016
​The Council is happy to announce that two new codes are now available for purchase: Code for Electrical Installations at Oil and Gas Fac ...Read the full article
December 21, 2015
December 24 - closedDecember 25 - closedDecember 28 - closedDecember 29 - regular hoursDecember 30 - regular hoursDecember 31 - open until 2& ...Read the full article
September 28, 2015
The public review of the CSA/ICC Rainwater Harvesting standard is now live. The provisions of the Standard apply to the design, materials, in ...Read the full article
August 13, 2015
​The new editions of the Alberta Building Code and Fire Code have introduced changes to housing classifications related to the Persons with D ...Read the full article
August 11, 2015
​The new Alberta Building Code 2014 and Alberta Fire Code 2014 are now in effect. The 2011 National Energy Code for Buildings as well as the ...Read the full article
June 09, 2015
World Accreditation Day is Tuesday, June 9, 2015. Celebrate and learn about the benefits and value of accreditation with the Standards Counci ...Read the full article
May 29, 2015
AEDARSA was proud to participate in the 12th annual Calgary Safety Expo on March 11th & 12th 2015.The Safety Expo had its biggest turnout ...Read the full article
May 07, 2015
​Need a way to get from Calgary to the Safety Codes Council Conference in Banff? Brewster Travel Canada has you covered. Brewster is off ...Read the full article
May 01, 2015
​The 2014 editions of the Alberta Building Code and the Alberta Fire Code were adopted at the end of February 2015 by provincial regulation. ...Read the full article
March 31, 2015
​Bill 21, the Safety Codes Amendment Act, 2015, has been passed. The bill makes amendments to improve safety in the built environment in ...Read the full article
February 25, 2015
​The Safety Codes Council is pleased to participate in the BuildEx Edmonton Trade Show in March. The show will be he ...Read the full article
February 02, 2015
The Safety Codes Council is excited to share another step in our growth as an organization. After much research, planning, and work, we are p ...Read the full article
January 27, 2015
​The Safety Codes Council has recently made changes to its Awards Program. The nomination forms and process have been changed to help en ...Read the full article
January 16, 2015
Do you know a shining example of visitable housing in Canada? Nominate it for the Awards of Excellence in VisitAble Housing! Nominations clos ...Read the full article
December 31, 2014
​To help support safety code officers (SCOs) in their occupation and strengthen the safety codes system as a whole, the Safety Codes Council ...Read the full article
December 30, 2014
​The Fire Investigation Association of Alberta is presenting 40-Hour Fundamentals of Fire Investigation in Devon, Alberta, February 23-27, 20 ...Read the full article
December 09, 2014
Many of our stakeholders know that the Safety Codes Council is made up of expert volunteers who work to keep Alberta a safe place to live, wo ...Read the full article
November 10, 2014
​ The CSA Group is seeking input on a new draft standard for home inspections.   CSA A770, which aims to establish the systems and ...Read the full article
October 16, 2014
​ The National Research Council is looking for volunteers to serve on the Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes (CCBFC).   ...Read the full article
October 16, 2014
​Code users and stakeholders have two more weeks to participate in the fall 2014 public review of proposed changes to a number of National Mo ...Read the full article
August 15, 2014
​ The Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada are recalling 154,000 smoke alarms.   The recall involves thirty-three mo ...Read the full article
August 06, 2014
​The Fire Investigation Association of Alberta is presenting Post-Blast Basics: An Introduction to Explosion Investigations, September 25 ...Read the full article
July 17, 2014
​ Starting September, the Council is pleased to offer the following courses at a reduced cost of $200 (per course) to support SCOs who vol ...Read the full article
July 15, 2014
The Safety Codes Council is currently asking for feedback on a proposed professional development program for safety codes officers. At the ...Read the full article
June 27, 2014
Alberta Municipal Affairs would like to invite those in the building discipline to attend a regional roundtable discussion meeting. These mee ...Read the full article
June 26, 2014
The Canadian Automatic Sprinkler Association (CASA) is pleased to announce a August 6, 2014 as an upcoming date for their Live Online Technic ...Read the full article
June 25, 2014
​A number of the presentations that were delivered at our annual conference are now posted on our website.    Conference 2014 att ...Read the full article
May 21, 2014
  Mix business with pleasure at our Annual Conference with a fantastic deal from Brewster Travel Canada!   For all our Conferenc ...Read the full article
May 21, 2014
  Great news for all of you in the building discipline: Conference 2014 features a number of sessions relating to building code iss ...Read the full article
May 21, 2014
The renewal fee for the Master Electrician’s Program recently went up to $125. We would like to share some of the improvements we’re making t ...Read the full article
May 09, 2014
The Safety Codes Council is pleased to partner with Brewster Travel Canada to offer a great deal for Conference 2014 delegates.   G ...Read the full article
May 01, 2014
​You probably already know that we have a bunch of fun events and thought-provoking keynote speakers lined up for Conference 2014. We’re conf ...Read the full article
April 24, 2014
​You never know when an emergency may happen, so preparation is crucial. It's important to know your role as a community leader when disaster ...Read the full article
April 23, 2014
An increasing number of us have our smartphones or tablets with us all the time. And who can blame us? Technology is solving problems—even on ...Read the full article
April 11, 2014
​ The Safety Codes Council is social! We are active on Twitter now, and we plan to continue that engagement throughout our annual confe ...Read the full article
April 02, 2014
  Keynote Spotlight Set your sights on the future with Max Valiquette’s innovative keynote presentation at Conference 2014. Who is ...Read the full article
March 26, 2014
  Join us in saluting excellence!   An annual highlight, the Safety Codes Council Awards Program recognizes outstanding individu ...Read the full article
March 12, 2014
The Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta is holding Technical Training Day on Friday, May 23, 2014 at the Fantasyland Hotel.  ...Read the full article
February 19, 2014
An impressive lineup of keynote speakers and engaging breakout sessions provides Safety Codes Council members, safety codes of ...Read the full article
December 19, 2013
The Safety Codes Council is pleased to welcome Ken Hughes, who was sworn in as the new Minister of Municipal Affairs on December 13, 2013. ...Read the full article
December 17, 2013
Please be advised that Master Electricians with certification in good standing are now eligible to receive credit for the Canadian Electrical ...Read the full article
December 05, 2013
Please be advised that completion of Construction Safety Training Systems will be required for certification as a plumbing, gas or electrical ...Read the full article
December 03, 2013
In 2014, the Safety Codes Council returns to the world-class Rimrock Resort Hotel in scenic Banff, Alberta, for our Annual Conference, June 4 ...Read the full article
December 03, 2013
The festive season often means travels to be with friends and family, near and far. We have compiled some safety tips to get you there and ba ...Read the full article
October 18, 2013
The owner of a Calgary rooming house has been fined $105,000 for seven violations of the Alberta Fire Code after one man perished in the Sept ...Read the full article
October 16, 2013
National Research Council (NRC) has begun the consultation process on proposed changes to the national model codes. The consultation will run ...Read the full article
October 08, 2013
We have a small number of passes to BuildEx Calgary available. Come by the office and get yours today! ​ ...Read the full article
September 26, 2013
Edmonton, Alberta – As of September 18, 2013 the Order approving the Electrical Code Amendment Regulation was passed, thereby adopting t ...Read the full article
September 25, 2013
Mark your calendars for the Canadian Fire Alarm Association’s Alberta Technical Seminar on October 24, 2013, in Calgary. The theme for the e ...Read the full article
September 18, 2013
(Edmonton, Alberta) On Thursday, September 5th, Industry leaders from across the province joined the Council in commemorating twenty years of ...Read the full article
September 13, 2013
  The Solar Energy Society is pleased to announce two new workshops for electrical safety codes officers and electrical inspectors on th ...Read the full article
August 12, 2013
Our neighbors to the south have released a comprehensive summary report on a workshop held December 2012 by the United States Fire Administra ...Read the full article
August 01, 2013
  CASA has released the schedule for webinars through the rest of 2013 on various NFPA subjects, including sprinklers, standpipes, flow ...Read the full article
July 05, 2013
  Safety Codes Officers (SCOs) from multiple disciplines across Alberta have responded in capacity to requests for flooding support assi ...Read the full article
July 04, 2013
In 2013, the Safety Codes Council commemorates 20 years of partnership, policy and progress that have resulting in a safety codes system of t ...Read the full article
June 25, 2013
The Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta and Mustang Freightways have teamed up to deliver necessities to the Calgary Food bank. ...Read the full article
May 30, 2013
  The Safety Codes Council is delighted to welcome comedian and television personality, James Cunningham to the stage for our Partners D ...Read the full article
May 29, 2013
  As part of the Welcome Reception on Wednesday, June 5, 6:00 pm, we are excited to present an extra special event for delegates and ...Read the full article
May 29, 2013
  Safety Codes Conference 2013 is delighted to have perennial favorite Tom Marriott, Senior Partner at Brownlee LLP appearing as a keyno ...Read the full article
May 29, 2013
On Friday, June 7, the Safety Codes Council honors the significant contribution and unwavering dedication of volunteers who have participated ...Read the full article
May 21, 2013
Safety Codes Conference 2013 is pleased to offer a new service convenience to attending delegates.  Thanks to the sponsorship commitmen ...Read the full article
May 15, 2013
Warm, dry weather conditions are reported in the provincewide Fire Behavior Forecast recently released by provincial authorities. Read the fu ...Read the full article
May 09, 2013
  The Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Institute (HRAI) of Canada is pleased to offer a seminar customized to meet  inf ...Read the full article
May 09, 2013
  The International Firestop Council (IFC) is committed to making buildings safer through compartmentalization and has developed an Insp ...Read the full article
April 25, 2013
Safety violations have dramatically increased due to tighter regulations developed by the City of Calgary and the building industry, implemen ...Read the full article
March 27, 2013
Edmonton, Alberta – The Safety Codes Council has contracted with Harry Diemer and Associates (HD & A) to conduct a province-wide consulta ...Read the full article
February 26, 2013
  Recent amendments to the Minimum Housing and Health Standards enhance the ability of Executive Officers (Public Health Inspectors or E ...Read the full article
December 03, 2012
​The Safety Codes Council would like to congratulate our long-time partner, the Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta on reaching its ...Read the full article
December 03, 2012
​The winter holidays can be a wonderful time of year. Bright lights, delicious treats, and children bubbling over with excitement all make th ...Read the full article
November 22, 2012
​Edmonton, Alberta – Albertans who buy a new home will have improved warranty coverage for their purchase under new legislation. The New Home ...Read the full article
November 14, 2012
​Calgary, Alberta – Congratulations are in order as veteran home builder Avi Amir was inducted into the Canadian Home Builders Association – ...Read the full article
November 09, 2012
​In December 2011, government approved establishment of a New Home Buyer Protection Act to legislate a mandatory new home warranty framework. ...Read the full article
November 07, 2012
​A Calgary-based concrete restoration contractor has been charged by the City of Calgary under the Safety Codes Act for undertaking a parkade ...Read the full article
October 04, 2012
​Edmonton, Alberta—The Safety Codes Council is pleased to announce that former Administrator of Accreditation Gerald Baron has been promoted ...Read the full article
September 26, 2012
The government is looking to introduce a new law that improves warranties for new homes, as well as increasing fines for builders violating b ...Read the full article
September 26, 2012
​The Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes (CCBFC) is looking for participants for their annual public review changes to the 2010 Na ...Read the full article
September 13, 2012
​Edmonton – City Council have approved zero lot homes, much to the concern of the city’s fire department. According to the new zoning rules t ...Read the full article
September 13, 2012
​Calgary – Buyer beware.   Purchasing a new condo can be an exciting venture, but not every story is a positive one. When Tracy Hyrhoruk pu ...Read the full article
August 31, 2012
​CALGARY - A fire broke out on August 28th, leaving eleven people inside the Shamrock Hotel before fire services could arrive on the scene. N ...Read the full article
August 17, 2012
​Just weeks after the Master Electrician (ME) search feature and automated telephone information system (for delivering ME related FAQs) were ...Read the full article
August 10, 2012
​Calgary lawyer Michael Joel Bondar was fined $23,000 under the Safety Codes Act for failing to deal with an order in a timely fashion. Bonda ...Read the full article
August 09, 2012
​Every year, the Safety Codes Council and Alberta Municipal Affairs host a round table discussion with accredited municipalities to ...Read the full article
July 20, 2012
​ Calgary Metal Recycling, a metal recycling facility in Ogden, and its owner Odgen Holding Inc. are being charged with 17 violations of the ...Read the full article
July 17, 2012
​ The Safety Codes Council is proposing revisions to the current certification levels for building safety codes officers. The primary c ...Read the full article
July 09, 2012
​The Master Electrician list, formerly available on the ECAA’s website, is now available on the Safety Codes Council’s website under the Mast ...Read the full article
July 05, 2012
​On June 8th, 2012, O'Byrnes Irish Pub pleaded guilty for a fire code violation and was charged a $3,000 fine under the Safety Codes Act.  T ...Read the full article
June 26, 2012
ABSA and Alberta Municipal Affairs recently sent out an information bulletin regarding beverage dispensing systems using carbon dioxide gas a ...Read the full article
June 06, 2012
​ The Safety Codes Council commissioned Howard Research Management Consulting Inc. to conduct research to identify and investigate recruitme ...Read the full article
June 06, 2012
​​As part of the code development process, Municipal Affairs and the Council are consulting on proposed changes to Alberta specific code requ ...Read the full article
April 17, 2012
​ Pike research has released three reports detailing with construction of green buildings. According to the research, the trend in the gree ...Read the full article
April 10, 2012
​The Safety Codes Council was unexpectedly closed on April 5th due to a power outage caused by a snow storm. We unfortunately were unable to ...Read the full article
April 03, 2012
​ As of May 1st, The City of Calgary will now require building developers to submit a public safety plan before they are awarded building p ...Read the full article
March 14, 2012
​The Safety Codes Council is now undertaking a process to review and revise the Private Sewage Systems Standard of Practice 2009 to make impr ...Read the full article
March 12, 2012
The City of Calgary is proposing a trial program that will allow safety codes inspectors, alongside zoning inspectors to check secondary suit ...Read the full article
March 09, 2012
Friends of the Safety Codes Council are invited to visit our office and pick up their free BUILDEX Edmonton pass.   Visit the BUILDEX webs ...Read the full article
February 23, 2012
150 residents of a new condo building in Leduc will have until the end of March to evacuate their condominium complex due to safety concerns. ...Read the full article
February 15, 2012
Verification of Compliance (VOC) is a compliance monitoring tool that was introduced in the Uniform Quality Management Plan (UQMP) to recogni ...Read the full article
February 08, 2012
Heritage Station, Inc., the owner of London towers in Calgary, pleaded guilty in court to non-compliance with a fire safety codes order regar ...Read the full article
February 02, 2012
Safety Codes officers, municipalities, and agencies providing safety codes services are now called upon to enforce tougher standards for fire ...Read the full article
January 30, 2012
Numerous buildings across Alberta may require additional safety inspections after an investigation revealed that the approvals for the fire s ...Read the full article
January 30, 2012
A CBC investigative report raises concerns and issues regarding the effectiveness of new laws designed to eliminate major fires in Alberta. I ...Read the full article
January 16, 2012
Effective January 1, 2012 the Honourable Doug Griffiths, Minister of Municipal Affairs, has approved revisions to the Schedule of Levies ...Read the full article
January 16, 2012
Effective January 1, 2012 the Safety Codes Council has adopted a revised fee schedule affecting accredited agencies and corporations. This ac ...Read the full article
January 09, 2012
Log housing has been part of Canada’s celebrated history for centuries. But with new building codes coming in to ensure housing are more ener ...Read the full article
January 09, 2012
Do sprinklers and housing mix together? From installation issues to potential accidental sprinkler discharging, there are many concerns regar ...Read the full article
October 25, 2011
The following STANDATA and Fire Code Safety Alert have been released and are now available from Alberta Municipal Affairs. Click on the link ...Read the full article
October 25, 2011
The National Energy Codes of Canada for Buildings 2011 (NECB) will help make future Canadian buildings significantly better by increasing its ...Read the full article
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