Our Vision

To be an outcomes and data driven, risk-based regulatory organization that helps keep Albertans safe in the built environment.

About Us

The Council is an independent regulatory body made up of industry stakeholders and staff. We were formed in 1993 by the introduction of the Safety Codes Act to deliver programs on behalf of the government of Alberta.

We play a key role in the safety of structures and systems in Alberta. We work with our partners and stakeholders to ensure that our province is designed and built with your safety in mind.

The services we provide fall into two main categories:

  1. We provide oversight of safety codes activities such as permitting and inspections.
  2. We make recommendations about safety codes based on expert advice.

Our staff have diverse skillsets and work to support our business. We:

  • train and certify safety codes officers, or SCOs, to perform inspections and other front-line services;
  • accredit municipalities, agencies, and corporations to monitor compliance with the Act in their jurisdiction, providing guidance and oversight;
  • oversee the delivery of permits and inspections for Albertans who live in unaccredited areas of the province through the Alberta Safety Codes Authority, including performing all compliance monitoring services for storage tank systems;
  • administer Alberta’s Master Electrician program, which certifies the only professionals who can take out electrical permits in our province;
  • provide fair and transparent appeals of orders and written notices issued under the authority of the Safety Codes Act;
  • support the work that our sub-councils do in evaluating new and emerging issues in the safety codes system and making recommendations to Alberta Municipal Affairs.
Ethics Reporting Hotline

The Council values its employees, members and stakeholders. In order to ensure we are held accountable, we have created an Ethics Reporting hotline to report any wrongdoings.

To access this link, click here.

Our Mission

Provide leadership by guiding, educating, supporting, and collaborating with all stakeholders in Alberta’s safety codes system.

Our Sub-Councils

Our sub-councils represent the disciplines that the Council administers under the Safety Codes Act. Members of sub-councils are volunteers who represent a range of industries and regions within Alberta. They draw on their expertise to help develop training for safety codes officers, hear appeals, and make recommendations about codes and standards.

Our 12 Sub-Councils

Our Values

Foster public confidence
Public confidence is established through transparency, accountability, and enhancement of public service.
Fuel innovation in the safety codes system
The Council responds to industry needs and system innovations by finding efficient and effective ways to drive meaningful change and invests in technologies to help meet the evolving needs of the safety codes system.
Utilize expertise
The Council’s members and staff have deep and diverse expertise. Their talent and dedication to excellence strengthen the safety codes system.
Act with integrity
The Council demonstrates responsibility by upholding the highest ethical standards, acting with integrity, and generating trust.