Understanding Codes and Standards

Codes and standards define what makes a structure or system safe for use. They are written by subject matter experts and used by designers, contractors, and safety codes officers to ensure that permitted work complies with safety standards.

Each discipline has its own set of codes and standards. In some cases, the provincial authority will adopt an existing code as is (for example, the Canadian Electrical Code), adopt an existing code with amendments (for example, the National Building Code – Alberta Edition), or create their own code or standard (for example, the Alberta Private Sewage Standard of Practice).

In order to keep up with changes in technology, policy, and industry, codes and standards are revised in cycles. The Safety Codes Council works closely with Alberta Municipal Affairs to develop and administer each new edition of these codes. Through our sub-councils, we help represent industry perspectives in the safety codes system.

Read more about our sub-councils under Council Information or see below for resources on how to apply, interpret, and stay up-to-date on codes and standards.