Report your credits before you renew in 2022

SCOs will need to report 30 Continuing Education credits through their Council Connect account in order to renew their certification. If you are certified in more than one discipline, group, or level, you still only need to complete 30 credits total in order to renew.

Reporting Credits

30 Credits over 3 years | 3 Categories: Formal, Informal, & Practice

How to Report Continuing Education Credits

You can report credits through your Council Connect Dashboard, under the “My Certifications” heading.

If you have more than one certification discipline, you can enter your continuing education credits under any of the listed certifications by clicking “Renew.”

For more information on how to report credits on Council Connect, click here.

Input your category

SCO Continuing Education fits into one of three categories: Formal Learning, Informal Learning, and Practice.

1 Hour = 1 Credit

Continuing Education credits are earned and reported based on a very simple formula of one credit per one hour of learning activity up to the allowable maximum.

Formal Learning Category

Allowable Maximum: 5 credits for each activity

The formal learning category recognizes a broad range of structured learning activities, including courses taken with the Council. If you take courses from us, 5 credits per course will be automatically recorded.


  • Courses
  • Conferences
  • Webinars
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Lectures
Informal Learning Category

Allowable Maximum: 3 – 5 credits for each activity

The informal learning category recognizes activities where SCOs participate in developing or spreading knowledge and otherwise contributing to the success of the safety codes system.


  • Delivering presentations (5 credits max. per presentation)
  • Teaching, facilitating, or course advising (5)
  • Preparing a course or presentation (5)
  • Membership on Council or a Council working group (5 credits max. per council/group)
  • Involvement in a professional or industry association (5)
  • Involvement in code or standard committees (5)
  • Being a mentor in a formal mentoring program (5 credits max. every 3 years)
  • Professional writing (5)
  • Self-study or research (3 credits max. every 3 years)
  • Professional tours (3)
  • Discussion groups (3)
  • Public or community boards/associations (3)
  • Trade shows (3)
  • Volunteering in a capacity related to the SCO occupation (3)
Practice Category

Allowable Maximum: 3 credits per one year of full-time work

The practice category recognizes the on-the-job learning when working as an SCO. Please note that if you hold an active DOP with an Accredited Organization, then you must report 9 credits manually through your account.

More information

  • Working as an SCO as indicated by a Designation of Powers
    1. Maximum of 9 credits every 3 years;
    2. 3 credits for each year of full time work as an SCO; or
    3. 1 credit for 4 months or equivalent working part-time as an SCO