Where to Get a Permit

A variety of local bylaws and provincial regulations govern when you need a permit. It is always best to check with the authority having jurisdiction before starting any new work.
Where to Get a Permit
Storage Tank Systems

Permits and management for petroleum storage tank systems is governed by the Alberta Safety Codes Authority, a division of the Council

Permit information for the construction and operation of elevators, ski-lifts, and amusement rides:

Alberta Elevating Devices and Amusement Rides Safety Association (AEDARSA)

Permit information for the construction and operation of pressure equipment:

Alberta Boiler Safety Association (ABSA)

Other types of permits and licenses

For information on obtaining permits and licenses required to start a business:



Project owners can request a variance to allow for an alternative solution that provides equal or greater safety.

Safety Tips

Planning a home renovation? Make sure you’re following code rules by checking out our safety tip brochures.


Safety codes officers issue orders when a code requirement is not met. We can help owners understand their options.


Orders are appealable to the Safety Codes Council. Our appeals process is easily accessible to appellants and respondents.

Code Books & Guides

The Council produces a number of handbooks and guides to help homeowners and contractors interpret and apply code requirements.

Click here to access these code books and guides.


STANDATA are stored on Alberta Municipal Affairs’ website, under codes and standards and divided by discipline. You can also search STANDATA for specific articles here.

Purchase Codes and Standards

Codes and standards can be purchased through a number of resources:

Canadian Standards Association
National Research Centre

Here is a helpful guide for navigating the NRC website.

Questions about codes and standards? Please contact:

Community and Technical Support Branch
Municipal Affairs
1-866-421-6929  |  safety.services@gov.ab.ca


The Council has authority to investigate complaints about accredited organizations, safety codes officers, permit issuers, and master electricians.

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