Passenger Ropeways Sub-Council

Zipping down a ski slope on a sheet of fresh snow is only half the trip to the bottom. Travelling safely up on a chairlift to reach the top again is the other half of the experience. This is just one of the areas that the Passenger Ropeways Sub-Council looks after.

The Passenger Ropeways Sub-Council are responsible for meeting on a regular basis to discuss how to make ropeway transportation  safer. The Council works with Alberta Municipal Affairs and the Alberta Elevating Devices and Amusement Ride Safety Association (AEDARSA) to develop and provide relevant information to the passenger ropeways industry.


Dan Boyles Large Operators
​Brent Carmichael ​Passenger Ropeways Manufacturer
​Rob Eeglon ​Code Enforcement (SC)
​Kristian Haagaard (Chair) ​Large Operators
​Russell Karp ​Passenger Conveyor Installer/Manufacturer
​Carl Lam ​Public at Large
Bruno Mannsberger (Vice-Chair) ​Professional Engineers
​David Martel ​​​Medium Operators
​Jaclyn McCoy ​Risk and Insurance Management
​Richard Roy ​Medium Operators
​Warren Sparks ​Passenger Ropeways Technical Expert
​Marlin VanZandt ​Small Operators