Gas Sub-Council

You turn on a gas stove. You turn up the thermostat. You fuel up your vehicle. The Gas Sub-Council reviews the codes and standards that impact these aspects of life and more.

The Gas Sub-Council members meet on a regular basis to discuss issues in the building industry and to make sure that our built environment is safe to inhabit. Our Gas Sub-Council members are generous volunteers who make the province a safer place.


Ron Beaudette ​Labour
Cody Christman Mechanical Contractors
​Paul Delano ​Large Gas Utilities
​Mark Guderjan (Vice-Chair) ​Major Municipalities South
​Jason Helfrich (Chair) ​Propane Gas Industry
​Roy Herrington ​Municipalities
​Cindy Kieu ​Public at Large
​Chuck Lemke ​Sheet Metal Contractors
​Nathan Lesage ​Small Gas Utilities
James Maddocks ​Professional Engineers
​Marcel Mandin ​Nautral Gas and Propane Vehicle Conversion Industry
​Larry Miller ​Major Municipalities North
Randy Saunders Accredited Corporations
​Jeff Skeith ​Rural Gas Utilities
​Mike Turek ​Inspection Authorities
​Dale Walls ​Manufacturers or Suppliers
Darcy Toner Education and Training