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Safety Codes Council sub-council members are a group of dedicated volunteers who actively review, formulate, and recommend safety codes, standards, and principles within their respective disciplines. This includes developing standards and compliance monitoring criteria for accredited organizations, as well as hearing and deciding appeals of orders and written notices.

With their expertise and knowledge, the sub-councils establish competency requirements for safety codes officers as well as evaluate the effectiveness and quality of safety codes officer training courses.


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What's it like to serve on a sub-council?

Sub-council members are volunteers who are nominated by external organizations that represent Alberta’s diverse regions and industries. These individuals have valuable technical knowledge and experience in the discipline pertaining to their sub-council.

Members are expected to act in the interest of safety in the built environment for all Albertans. Individuals appointed to a sub-council can expect to

  • meet several times a year, depending on the technical discipline and workload;
  • serve as a key communication point between their nominating organization and the Safety Codes Council;
  • research an item in between meetings for future presentation and discussion;
  • participate in sub-groups, such as a working group or advisory group, and report back to the sub-council on a specific issue;
  • serve on appeal Tribunals, hearing issues related to the administration of the Safety Codes Act.

As these are volunteer positions, members are not paid, but they are reimbursed, in accordance with Government of Alberta guidelines, for travel and accommodation expenses involved in attending meetings.