Barrier Free Sub-Council

For people with disabilities, it’s not always easy to get around. Could you imagine not using a ramp if you’re in a wheelchair? What if the fire alarm sounds, but you’re hearing impaired? Or how would you find an exit if you had a visual impairment? These are just a few of the many things the Barrier Free Sub-Council considers.

The Barrier Free Sub-Council members meet on a regular basis to discuss issues in the building industry and to make sure that our built environment is safe for all.


​Brian Huxley ​Code Enforcement (SCO)
​Matthew Kay ​Visual Disabilities
​Bev Knudtson ​Communication and Cognitive Disabilities
​Hellen Evans Warren ​Education and Training
​Robert Lipka ​Commercial Construction/Land Development
​Bob Macklon ​Agility Disabilities
​Tanya Marsh (Vice-Chair) ​Non-Residential Building Management
Donna Monkhouse ​Residential Apartment and Condominium Owners/Managers
​Karen Muir (Chair) ​Public at Large
​Lee Ramsdell ​Hearing Disabilities
Deliany Sather Home Construction
​Chris Schamber ​Mobility Disabilities
Ron Wickman ​​Barrier Free Design
Georg Rath Aging Population