Levies on safety codes permits are remitted to the Council to help support an effective and sustainable safety system.

The Safety Codes Act authorizes the collection of a levy so the Council has the means to fulfill the duties and powers of our mandate. Funds collected through levies are invested in developing training for safety codes officers, providing tracking systems for safety codes activities, and monitoring the effectiveness of the safety codes system.

A portion of safety codes permit fees collected by an accredited municipality or ASCA are remitted to the Council as a levy. This may include  administration of a permit, including permit issuance, plans review, code advice, site inspection, verification of compliance, orders and variances, and permit services reports. If a fee is charged for any of these activities, it is subject to the Safety Codes Council levy.​

Levy Remittance Form

Questions about levies? Contact our Accounting department at sccinfo@safetycodes.ab.ca.