Indigenous Safety Codes Officer Student Bursary

Training and certifying SCOs increases the capacity of Indigenous communities to provide safety services to their residents.

The Council has created the Indigenous SCO Student Bursary, which provides Indigenous communities and organizations (First Nations, Settlements, and community-based organizations) with support in the form of credits towards the completion of courses for students seeking certification as a Safety Codes Officer. If you would like to certify SCOs in your community or organization, please contact the Administrator of Certification to find out more.

Application process will be open in early 2021.


Benefits of Certification

There are many benefits to certification:

  • Career development: Becoming a certified SCO opens up career opportunities in the safety system. Once an individual is certified, they are qualified to seek employment with accredited organizations that deliver safety services throughout Alberta.
  • Safety Service Delivery Capacity: The training required to become a certified SCO is relevant to many of the jobs commonly found in Indigenous communities. For example, housing department staff would benefit from having working knowledge of the building code to oversee the construction and maintenance of buildings and management of contractors.
  • Economic Development: Communities that have certified SCOs could create an agency that can provide safety codes services on a fee-for-service basis.

Success Story: The Council’s Partnership with Siksika Nation

In 2017, the Siksika Nation came to us with an idea to become a self-reliant community for safety codes inspections. Collaborating with the Council, Municipal Affairs, Alberta Community and Social Services, and the City of Calgary, Siksika Nation began working towards the creation of a program to train qualified Indigenous tradespeople to become SCOs.

By the end of 2019, eight SCOs had earned their certification in Building Residential and Building Part 9. One of these SCOs also earned their certification in Plumbing and Gas Group A. Now certified, these new SCOs are able to invest their skills in their community and have a solid career path anywhere in the province to help them achieve their goals of being a self-reliant community for safety codes inspections.

This program is not over: the next phase will see participants achieve the next level of certification for Building SCOs (Building Part 3). We look forward to continuing to work with the Siksika Nation.